The eye for interior design is a specialized skill and is one that can often be overlooked. How a space is decorated impacts the mood, the reliability, and the whole experience you associate with while you are in that space. From beautifully designed homes to tasteful decorations in a business office, transforming a space into something aesthetically pleasing as well as functional takes talent. It is not something that is easily accomplished but this is our passion here at Lisa Jane Co. Interior Design. We have a unique understanding of modern design choices, specific art placements, and furniture selections to be able to take your dream and enhance it into a reality. 

Our ability to take a space and visualize the potential that room has to offer is a skill set that is extremely valuable when you are looking to transform your space to make it the best it can be. Our goal is to create an environment that is harmonious to the ambiance that you want and the skilled professional interior designers at Lisa Jane Co. can help you achieve that. 

Welcome to the Valley

Swan Valley, Idaho is as idyllic as its name. This area is an extension of the nationally famous Jackson Hole, Wyoming and offers beautiful communities and scenic views. Being located on the banks of the Snake River, this town resides near Yellowstone National Park and holds many similar traits to that particular ecosystem. Wildlife, mountain ranges and meadows are abundant and add to the beauty and diversity of this area. 

You will want unique interior spaces to match the extraordinary atmosphere that is found in this part of the state. Your living space can help reflect the beauty that is all around you as well as encompass your personality. A tone is set when your space is decorated effectively. Reflecting your personality or the tone you wish to set is one of the many services that interior designers provide. A professional designer can help make your residence or business be an inviting place and be an area that you actively want to be in. 

Evaluate Your Space

Each and every space is different and will come with its own unique challenges and needs. Evaluating what you want decorated and understanding your goals for the space can help you and your designer make your vision come to life. Our top priority is to capture your ideas and provide you with the space or event of your dreams. There is no shortage of places that we can help design and decorate. Some of the areas in which we can help design and improve include:

  • Residential homes
  • Rental properties
  • Commercial buildings 
  • Business offices
  • Cabins
  • Event or holiday decorating 

What Can Lisa Jane Co. Do For You? 

Our design services encompass many different parts of the design process, from start to finish. We believe that each space and each client is looking for something that will fit them perfectly, so we offer five different packages for you to choose from. 

  • Ideas Only – If you are looking for design tips and recommendations from an expert regarding awkward spaces, paint choices, or accessorizing, then this plan is for you.
  • One Room Makeover – Looking to just transform one room? This one room update package includes everything from creating a floor plan to managing the project and seeing it through the final installations. 
  • Remodels – This package includes working with the builders of either the commercial or residential areas to remodel those spaces and design them to your preference. We can help redesign the areas you think need the most help. 
  • New Construction – The creation of a design plan in a new construction project is important to get the desired effect from the very beginning of building. We assist in creating that plan and walking through the building process to ensure the entire design that you want in the end. 
  • Events and Holiday Decorating – Whether it’s a wedding, company event, or a holiday party, we can be your ultimate party decorators! Our extensive knowledge of design can help add the perfect touches to make your event the best one around.

Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

When embarking on the journey of decorating and designing, it is cost effective and time efficient to include an interior designer in your plans. Figuring out exactly what kind of style you are going for can be expensive. Trying different color patterns or certain furniture can turn into a costly event, whereas having a designer can help you to know what will look good and go together. Interior designers will assist in finding good quality products and deals that fit within your budget while also achieving the look that you desire. Having a professional designer’s input and opinions will help you save time because they have the knowledge and skills to take your visions and make them tangible. There is much less trial and error when you are working with an expert and that will ultimately save you a lot of stress in the future as well. 

About Lisa Jane Co. 

In a world of Pinterest boards and TikTok homes, it can be an overwhelming experience to approach the broad concept of designing and decorating a home or office. Lisa Jane is passionate about not only professionally decorating but making the whole experience enjoyable and fun. She finds so much joy in the processes of interior design and she wants to share this passion to help others find the peace and joy that comes from a tastefully designed area. She is native to Idaho and understands the styles that can accentuate the specific style that is local to the area and compliments it. Lisa Jane founded this company to help achieve peoples’ visions through her work and create environments for people to be inspired. It is so important to understand the individual style and tastes that every client has, and we take the time to connect with everyone we work with to get the best understanding we can. Contact Lisa Jane Co. today to see how they can help transform your spaces and inspire joy in your home!

Idaho Falls Interior Design Lisa Jane Co. Lisa has such exquisite talent and taste. She is very professional and really takes the time to understand your style and sense creating the perfect look for your business or home. Rating: 5/5 based on 47 reviews.