Lisa Jane Spray is a baking enthusiast, who loves to read, and is in awe of what nature has to offer. Mother of 4 and wife to a handsome small town boy, Lisa Jane strives to reach the balance between a successful dream chaser and an involved, adventurous mom. She is incredibly personable while being able to maintain a high level of professionalism with her clients. 

Lisa Jane earned her degree in Interior design in Salt Lake City, Utah where she was educated by some of the most talented professionals in the community. While working at Hamilton Park Home Furnishings, a high end furniture co., Lisa was further taught by the wonderful designers she worked with, including staging, correct Art placement, and decorating for events. She was later promoted to lead designer of the 10,000 sq. foot showroom including purchasing and launching new furniture collections every 6 months.

Lisa knew that she needed to put her approach to design and signature style out in the market, so she started her own company to achieve that goal. She wants her clients to recognize that she is different from other designers and wants to create a positive and fun atmosphere for them. 

Lisa is aware of how stressful building a home or remodeling can be. She firmly believes that the project should be a fun experience for her clients! People should be able to feel inspired and have joy within their own homes. She is confident that she can create that vision for others through her work.