There is something about walking into a room and it feels like every component flows and works together. Hiring an interior designer allows you to have that feeling in every room of your home or business. When individuals enter your space they will be able to feel the essence that you wanted to portray and give the wow factor at the same time. Hiring an interior designer can seem intimidating but interior designers are a great resource for every individual no matter the size of the project. 

Services Offered

Ideas Only

Sometimes you just need to get another point of view on a room. There may be an awkward corner in a room you are not sure what to do with or can’t figure out what color scheme would be best within your home. In this package, Lisa Jane Co. is there to answer any questions you have and give advice on what direction you should take your style. With the amount of experience we have, we are happy to help guide you in a direction. 

Makeover of One Room 

There may be just one room that you are wanting to give a small lift to or remodel completely. It could be a room that is used often or isn’t up to par with the rest of your home or business. We are ready to transform the room with paint, lighting, furniture, and accessories. There is no need to do anything with the structure of the room, we can make dramatic changes with just the components above. 


If you have a home or office that needs a complete update we are able to help you through the process. The previous finishings could be out of date or not your style anymore making the space not enjoyable for you. Remodels can be an overwhelming process, so we are here to help you through all the steps. Designing how you want the new space to look, setting a budget for the project based on your desires, and helping you pick out the finishes for the remodel. When the remodel is done your new space should make you happy and be your style. 

New Construction

Building your dream home is an exciting time. With all the time and money that goes into it, we want you to be happy with your home when it is done. At Lisa Jane Co. we are there to help you through the entire process from start to finish. Helping with the architecture and the overall design scheme you are wanting to achieve. With our help, you can get more accurate bids from contractors. We can help you create the overall experience and style of your home that you want your guests to feel when they visit. 

Why Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

Save Money

You may be thinking that wouldn’t be the case if you hired an interior designer. But many times, over the entire project they are able to help you spend less. This is because, with all of their knowledge, they are able to make decisions that most times will be right the first time. This saves you the headache and money of purchasing items such as furniture to find out it’s the wrong size, color, or just does not feel right in the space. Or you paint an entire room to find out you don’t like the color. Choices such as these waste money so having an interior designer make the right ones could help you save money. 

Save Time

Along with saving money, we can help you save time. All the trips to the store of purchasing, returning and browsing to see what makes sense in your space take time. Not only is the time that is directly spent on redesigning the space but you are thinking about it as your go about day to day tasks. An interior designer has an eye for what goes together and what will optimize the space that you are redesigning. It is our job to work with your style and get the space to what you dream of it so you don’t have to stress about it through the process. 

Better Resources

Just like any other industry, those in the industry create good connections with those that they work with often. This is the same for interior designers, we know who the best is to hire for jobs and who you can trust to get the work done correctly. Not only do we have connections for those that work within your home or business but with those that have products that go into those spaces. We have access to certain products that the general public would not be able to get. Our connections to suppliers can also be a benefit to getting products in a timely manner or on pricing. 

Wow Factor 

When you walk into a space that has been done by an interior designer, it delivers a wow factor. Attention to detail, styling, and making sure that the space flows is not easy task. There are many components that individuals do not consider but can make all the difference in a space. It will feel complete and those that visit the space will be able to feel that. 

Why Lisa Jane Co.?

If you are looking to give your home or office space an update we are here to help. Lisa Jane Co. pays attention to detail, has years of experience, and will work with you to deliver wow factor results. There is no space that is too big or too small to give an update to. Throughout the process, we try to educate our clients, have weekly communication, and listen to our client’s ideas to collaborate in order to elevate the spaces you wish. Please contact us with any questions, Lisa Jane Co. is ready to help you through redesigning your space. Achieving a new feeling within your space can make all the difference in your home life or work aroma.